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About me

One who let words speak the story, and can convince anyone through writing.

Hey Fellas, Don't worry if articulation troubles your plans.
Does it?

Well, in that case, you can always count on me to express your words, sentiments or opinions into an amazing write-up.

Why should you trust me?
Because I'm a content & marketing expert and can provide an identity to a new brand or embellish your existent name as a brand.

I have worked on different niches and with well known NGOs, IT companies, Bloggers and many startup companies, among them one is Art of living, Hicentrik, and Healcard.

I'm skilled in Copywriting, UX UI Writing, blogging, scriptwriting, caption writing, article writing, review writing, product description, brand revealing prose, and all that demands writing.

Along with this, I can manage social media marketing for your business and plan strategies for more sells & marketing.

And yes for you I can write all sort of content for websites including tech, travelling, psychology etc. I also write blog posts for bloggers, voiceover script for vloggers, slogans, taglines, domain-names for startups, USP's for artists, Wikipedia page content for celebs, Original quotes, articles for NGO's and govt. reports about NGO.

Make yourself stressfree about plagiarism because my contents are SEO approved and unique. I can provide On-page SEO along with basic yet powerful SEO tactics and articulate an amazing piece of content for the company that can generate new leads, sells, and will help you to promote your services. 

diksha naruka

My work listings

Potential Risks of Waiting Too Long for Scrubber Installation

With the global Sulphur Cap 2020 right at the horizon, pressure on ship owners and ship operators to find ways to comply with the new IMO regulation is mounting at an exponential rate. Your decision can be one that puts you at the mercy of higher fuel prices or one that retains your competitive power. Out of the limited viable options to comply with the global emission limit, scrubber Installation is turning out to be a favorite due to cost and convenience. The payback period for a scrubber can

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